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Navigate to any destination with ease, thanks to GPS Navigation - Drive & Bike home with City Maps.

GPS Navigation is a free and easy-to-use navigation app that offers you all the features you could ever ask for. Drive to any place you want, even in offline mode, when you don’t have an Internet connection!

Plan your trips ahead with an app that receives map updates on a regular basis. Use map locations, specific addresses, GPS coordinates or even photos to set the destination you want.

Instantly know which route you need to take, whether you’re going by car or by foot. The app even shows you 3D representations of all the buildings around you!

Follow the voice-guided indications to reach your destination faster! Clear audio cues are always a good help for your journeys.

Traffic information is super accurate and gets updated every two minutes. Just like Waze and Google Maps, you’ll always be aware of what’s ahead of you, whether its traffic jam, closures or any other potential dangers.

Be on the lookout for speed limits with the app’s warnings.

GPS Navigation’s list of maps is almost endless. Most of the countries, from all continents of the world, are featured on this app.

The premium version of GPS Navigation offers you plenty of advantages: multi-language voice guides, a travelbook, a lane guidance feature, speed camera warnings, the ability to project your map onto your windshield with the HUD, the chance to record the road ahead with the dashcam feature and overall better support.

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  • Συμβατότητα Android
    4.0.3 - 4.0.4+ (Ice Cream Sandwich)
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